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Limited Edition - Valentine's Day Vegan Truffles Chocolate

Limited Edition - Valentine's Day Vegan Truffles Chocolate

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From Bean to Bonbon
Vegan Truffles Chocolate

There is much love and care in each of these chocolate truffles. we hope you can tell.
1. Raspberry x 2
2. Strawberry x 2
3. Rose x 2
4. Lavender x 2

8 Truffles Total,  2 of each truffle.

Ingredients: 72% Dominican Republic cocoa beans*, cane sugar*, cashews*, almonds*, cacao butter*, coconut oil*. 1. raspberry, raspberry powder*; 2. strawberry, strawberry powder*, strawberry extract;  3. rose, rose extract; 4. lavender, lavender extract. *organic.

+ Vegan Chocolate Truffles
+ Soy Free
+ Gluten Free
+ Paleo

Limited quantities are available. Only 50 boxes made of each box. 

Made in the USA

Crafted in San Diego, CA directly from the Cocoa Bean

Fair Trade Cocoa Beans

Premium Trinitario Cocoa Beans.
Fair Trade certified.


Plant Based

Animal Cruelty Free

Dairy Free

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