Healthy Benefits of Cocoa

Not only is Nibble Chocolate absolutely delicious, but because its main ingredient is cocoa beans, you get to enjoy the incredible health benefits of this super food!

So what’s so special about cocoa?

Cocoa is one of the super foods that contains a very high content of Polyphenols, which are a group of antioxidants that protect our cells by fighting and destroying free-radicals.
Free Radicals are a group of atoms that we can blame for damaging our cells and ultimately causing cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging and a variety of other diseases.
Additionally, Flavonoids (the most common antioxidant group of Polyphenols) are experts in reducing inflammation and helping prevent cardiovascular disease by thinning the blood and inhibiting the hardening of the arteries and the clumping of blood.
As if that wasn’t enough, cocoa also enhances the production of serotonin and dopamine, the chemicals responsible for our feelings of well-being and happiness and our defense against stress. These in turn boost endorphin production, which inhibit the transmission of pain and produce feelings of euphoria.

To Sum it up:
– Cocoa helps prevent Cancer by protecting our cells from free-radicals AKA Cell damage.
– Cocoa helps prevent cardiovascular disease by thinning the blood, inhibiting blood clumping and reducing inflammation.
– Cocoa helps reduce the cholesterol in blood and lower blood pressure
– Cocoa helps reduce depression and stress
– Cocoa make us happy!

We think that’s plenty of reasons to come to the dark side! A healthier and tastier place.
Always keep in mind: the less sugar and the highest cocoa content the better!