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Chocolate-Covered Almonds Strawberry

Chocolate-Covered Almonds Strawberry

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Nuts: Almonds
Inclusions: Strawberry
Cacao Percentage : 70% Dominican Republic Cocoa  
Description:  Our chocolate-covered almonds are made in tiny batches with our two ingredients single origin chocolate and just a hint of natural fruit for a perfect balance.

Total Quantity per Batch: 
 30 jars
 5oz (142g)

Ingredients: organic almonds, organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic strawberry. 

Made in the USA

Crafted in San Diego, CA directly from the Cocoa Bean

Certified Organic

Only Natural ingredients used.

No artificial flavors.

Soy Free.

Non GMO.

Fair Trade Cocoa Beans

Premium Trinitario Cocoa Beans.
Fair Trade certified.


Plant Based

Animal Cruelty Free

Dairy Free


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