Handcrafted Vegan Truffles

There is much love and care in each of these truffles. we hope you can tell!

Why Choose Our Vegan Truffles ?

100% Natural

Handcrafted with plant based ingredients including our signature two ingredient organic chocolate.

Mindful Sourcing

Our cacao beans have been mindfully sourced from small, sustainable farms, driven by high quality and fair practices.


Because natural always tastes better our truffles are plain delicious and you deserve this treat.

Good for You

Our main ingredient is cocoa beans: The happy and healing super food! We don’t use artificial flavors, but rather whole grains, nuts, fruits or spices.

Truffles Box

8 Flavors per box:
1. Dark
2. Raspberry
3. Coffee
4. Pomegranate Sea Salt
5. Oat Vanilla
6. Chai
7. Mexican
8. Lemon

Sold out

Limited quantities available

100% Real Ingredients

Ingredients: 72% cocoa beans*, cane sugar*, cashews*, almonds*, cacao butter*, coconut oil*.

1. Dark: cocoa powder*.
2. Raspberry: raspberry powder*.
3. Coffee: Coffee.
4. Pomegranate Sea Salt: pomegranate powder*, sea salt.
5. Oat Vanilla: oats*, vanilla*.
6. Chai: chai tea*.
7. Mexican: chili, cayenne pepper, cinnamon.
8. Lemon: lemon oil*, hazelnuts*.